14th - 26th February2025



  • 8 days of experiential immersion into tantra in a small private group in the Himalayas (max 6-10 ppl)
  • Tantric practices guided by Nitin, from the tantric lineage of Siddha Nath Sampraday
  • Seed mantra vibration
  • Differentiation between Neo-tantra and traditional tantra
  • Mystical night time rituals surrounded by the Himalayas
  • Daytrip to Rishikesh, the birthplace of yoga
  • Daytrip to Tarkeshwar Mahadev Temple and Devprayag
  • 6 days of guided exploration of Varanasi, the center of spirituality
  • Exploring india's living traditions


Start is in Deradhun.

We all arrive on the 14th of february in Deradhun.

No matter if you want to arrive in India earlier or just on that day,

we will pick you up on the airport Deradhun and bring you

to the first destination far up in the mountains.

We start with the program on the 8th in the morning.

Accommodation, food (pure vegeterian indian cuisine),

pick up from the airport and all the teaching

material is included in the price.

First Destination:

15th-22nd of Febuary, Himalayas

Welcome to the magical mountains of india.

Did you ever dream about living an ashram style life surrounded by the breathtaking Himalayas, close to the sacred Ganga?

Did you ever dream about exploring the secret practices of tantra and its knowledge in the place of its origin? This is your rare opportunity to dive into the traditional practices of tantra in a secret mountain place with a small selected group.

Be sure - you will not find such an personalized immersion into this wisdom anywhere else.




Pratictioner of Samaya,

Kaula and Siddha Nath Sampraday


Founder of

Kali Academy


On the 22nd of February we will take a plane from deradhun

to the spiritual center of india - Varanasi.

Flight, accommodation, food and program is included.

SECOND Destination:

22th-26th of November, Varanasi

These last 5 days will take you to a destination long steeped in mysticims. Varanasi is also considered the spiritual center of India and let me tell you, you have never experienced anything like this atmosphere. Together we will surrender to this magical city and immerse ourselves deeply in it, its history and its mysticism. Besides our practices, we will:

  • See the Manikarnika Ghat, the holiest among the sacred river-fronts
  • Visit a Ganga Aarti
  • Visit the Dashashwamedh Ghat which is the oldest and holiest ghat
  • Visit the Kaal Ratri Temple ( Goddes Kali )
  • Do walking tours through the city
  • Optional: Astrology reading by our guru ji
  • Diving into the hindu understanding of birth, death and rebirth
  • Do a sunrise boat trip
  • Join a traditional Kirtan

This is a handcrafted experience that you will not find like this anywhere else.

Everything is personalized and handselected, so that you can have

the most profound and unforgettable journey

not only into the mystics of India

but also into yourself.

Price for these two weeks includes accommodation, food, transfers, teachings and guidance.

3333 Euros

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